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International E-Commerce Forum 21-22 November, 2013 | Radisson Blu Latvia, Riga

About conference

The first e-commerce conference е-СОМ21 held in Riga last autumn, has aroused much interest and has been highly assessed by its professional participants. Rietumu Bank, as a patron of this forum, is still receiving positive references and assessments in this regard even now. Many of these contain proposals for new themes and issues that cause interest in the market which need to be raised and discussed.

The vast majority of last year’s conference participants support the idea of it continuing, wanting the conference to become a traditional and regular event. This interest is further confirmed by the considerable attention paid to the conference on the part of specialists in related industries and the business media. Taking into account of all of the aforementioned, a decision has been made to arrange the second е-СОМ21 conference in 2013.

Nowadays, e-commerce is a dynamic field of business which is constantly developing and full of potential. The agenda of its participants still includes a lot of issues related to business organisation and the necessity to solve issues of efficiency, safety and technological development. Moreover, life is constantly changing and the circle of topical issues is continuously expanding. Being engaged in the preparation of a new forum, working on its programme and selecting speakers and the subjects of their speeches, the conference organisers strive to focus on the most interesting and important issues in e-commerce from the viewpoint of the market participants.

In Riga this autumn, we will be pleased to welcome providers and organisers of internet trading, software developers, representatives of international payment systems and specialists of companies engaged in non-trade segments of e-commerce.

Among the forum guests, there will be specialists in international law and taxation issues. Comprehensive information about the participants and the programme will be published in advance.

On behalf of Rietumu Bank and the conference organisers, I would like to invite you and your colleagues to е-СОМ21. If your company’s delegation consists of three or more persons, we will gladly provide you a discount of 15% from the standard price.

Participation in the conference will allow you to establish personal contacts with leading experts and top managers – key players in the e-markets of Russia, Europe and America.

Your proposals regarding the content of the conference agenda would be highly appreciated. If an issue or subject offered by you arouses interest on the part of the forum participants, we will provide you with the opportunity of holding a speech.

 Chairman of the е-СОМ21 Organisation Committee,
 First Vice-president of Rietumu Bank
Ruslan Stecuyk